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Do you have used, broken, or surplus network equipment taking up space & not really doing you any favors? Turn it into cash today with SWG Inc’s Equipment Purchase Program.

Call our asset recovery team today to discuss what equipment you would like to sell. Have a warehouse full of equipment but don’t know exactly what you have? No problem, we will come to your location for an on-site inventory analysis. A simple phone call can make you thousands. From towers to spools of cable, SWG buys it all!

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SWG Inc. Pre-Owned and Surplus Products

Out with the old and in with the new! SWG Inc.’s Equipment Purchase Program allows you to turn old, broken or surplus equipment into cash, and/or updated new equipment through trades. Our clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars by trading in their equipment. Trade-in and trade-up with SWG Inc!

We offer great pre-owned & surplus products by these manufacturers:

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